Angela BOGLUȚ None
Abstract . The forms of maltreatment same as those of neglect are an old disease for all people of the world. By the nineteenth century, it began to appear certain laws to protect the mother and the child. We want to draw attention to what grave consequences and what effect it may have on children's physical or mental state the use of force on them. We believe that there should be in every school, a counselor that the "adult school", both parents and teachers (some even have the grace to be a teacher) and especially in rural areas, to collaborate in a positive teacher-parent manner, in order to avoid these phenomena. By abuse we understand any voluntary form of action or omission of an act which is detrimental to the child and takes place, taking advantage of his inability to defend itself, to discern between what is right or wrong, to seek help or to self-service (Popesu - Răduţă, 1998). Thanks the variables that are influencing maltreatment we cannot give a complete definition. In some countries, where religion greatly influences education (Africa, Asia, South America), certain forms of physical and psychological maltreatment have the rank of territorial or tribal law. We can select three variables - of the many – regarding the forms of maltreatment: a moral boundary between good and ill treatments. It is difficult to establish between normal and pathological, be it lack of care, how to express affection or punishments, "Beating is torn from Heaven”. The second variable is the duration of the act of ill- treatment. All families live moments of tension, which can act as inappropriate. Any parent can lose composure in certain situations and can hit or verbally abuse the child. If the parent is balanced and had an education and affection, he will not resort to physical aggression. - Another variable is the socio-cultural context in which the child lives. There are three practices in certain cultures of maltreatment: to hit the child’s bottom, scold, let him cry. African girl’s mutilation is a tradition, but an abuse in the West. In Canada, beating is a child's educational method. The „Caogao „method in Southeast Asia (to cure diseases, pressing a hot metal coin on the child's body) leaves traces and is considered an act of violence, when it is a faith, a religion of shamans). We tried to expose some forms of maltreatment in the paper. Conclusion: try to avoid as much as possible physical and mental mistreatment so that later the child is not left with complications.
Key words: abuse, grave neglect, physical violence, psychological abuse, sexual abuse.
Presentation: oral