Cristina TULBURE None
Abstract: The issue of learning has been frequently approached within the academic environment. Learning is a generic concept used to describe different processes that change people’s behavior. Also, learning is a fundamental activity for students involved in higher education, as it provides the basis for the further development of professional and cross-sectional competencies. The study aims at approaching two research objectives, namely to analyze the students’ learning process (why they learn; how many techniques of learning they know and use) and to identify to what extent students are interested in learning new and efficient learning techniques. The study has been accomplished during the second semester of the university year 2014-2015 on a sample of 72 students attending the first year of study at the Faculty of Agriculture of a Romanian university. The data was collected using a questionnaire of opinion as a tool that contained a total number of 10 items, 6 items with closed, pre-coded answers, 2 items having semi-opened answers and 2 with open answers. The analyses of answers for each item underline the fact that students are using a limited number of learning techniques and they are very interested in receiving more information regarding other efficient learning strategies. This research brings some openings for the higher education theory and practice, its results being useful to researchers in the field of pedagogy, to teachers involved in university education, pre-service teachers as well as to all those involved in the initial and continuous formation of educators.
Key words: learning strategies; pre-service teachers; higher education
Presentation: oral