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The application Advanced Road Design (ARD) developed by the companyCadApps Australia, employs using AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® Civil 3D® platforms and offers advanced features for the design and rehabilitation of roads according to Romanian standards. It includes basic commands for drawing geometric elements of the road (plane and vertical), automatic connection of intersections, automatic generation of longitudinal and transverse profiles and calculating filling and cutting volumes involved. Already known to design engineers of roads in our country, the application Advanced Road Design enables the interactive design of longitudinal and transverse profile and of site plan so that changes made during the project will update quickly in the drawings and quantityreports. The road design aimed to preserve existing settlement (existing pavement) and avoid expensive earthmoving work. The route follows the field line, so as to ensure the discharge of rainwater from the road platform into the existing gullies, the width of the road system to the existing reshaped land, the rainwater drainage systems, downloads in gutters, culverts as well as the development of intersections with side streets. Advanced Road Design application is recommended especially due to its work capabilities in AutoCAD and that the user does not require extensive knowledge of AutoCAD. Advanced Road Design generates the AutoCAD elements from the project without having to use the drawing step that loses time with the details, that being an impediment to the completion of the project in time. Undoubtedly, we can say that with good 3D topographic survey there can be designed, at least 1 km / day, including final drawings and corresponding quantity reports.
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