N. FLOREA1, Victoria MOCANU 2, Valentina COTEȚ 2, Sorina DUMITRU 2 None
Abstract. Map of soil parent materials in Romania was made based on information contained in the 50 sheets of the the soil map at 1: 200,000 scale of the Romania's territory. This information was extracted and generalized to be drawn on a small scale map. In Romania the soil parent materials are represented in the steep region (mountains, hills) by residual materials (eluvial and deluvial) originated from consolidated compact rocks (crystalline). Usually they are less deep and frequently skeletal associated with the local outcrops of compact rocks. In the mountainous region the residual parent material resulting from hypo-mesobasic compact rocks alteration followed by those from volcanic rocks, have large spreading; those from eubasic rocks occupy relatively small areas. In the hilly region the parent materials largely distributed are those originated from clay sediments, sometimes shrinking or marly sediments. The plains and piedmonts are characterized by the predominance of loessic materials (occurring also in low plateaus) sometimes associated with sandy materials of dunes, as well as by recent and subrecent fluvial material on floodplains, terraces and divagation areas. Proluvial parent materials and marine materials have a relatively low spread, while anthropogenic and organic parent materials have an insignificant distribution. Rocks outcrops though not distinctly appear in the map legend, are quite common as inclusions in the mountainous region.
Key words: soil parent materials, map, Romania
Presentation: oral