D. DICU1(3), D. ŢĂRĂU1(3), Gh. ROGOBETE2 None
Abstract: Timişoara, attested between 1000-1200 AD, is located in the lower subsidence plains of Timis, the alluvial material very diverse, from sand to clay, transported and re-transported by the changing courses of Timis and Bega Veche rivers. The area had until draining after 1716 AD large areas of marsh. The human impact has caused the emergence in the current area of Timisoara soil classes of Tehnosols and Anthrosols. Urban soils from Timisoara area and suburban area are strongly influenced by the human work. These soils are used for numerous purposes, including construction, industrial activities and transport, farming and parks, urban activities. The transformation in these soils can occur in a very short time, sometimes in just a few days, such as when making excavations for foundations, adding land leveling, construction to recreate the landscape. Soil samples were collected from Timisoara, Saint George Square in 2014, the area has been brought to the surface through archaeological work of the Banat Museum, part of what was the Grand Mosque which functioned until the end 1716. The physic-chemical analyzes of the samples were made by OSPA-USAMVBT testing laboratory in Timisoara. According to SRTS-2012, the analyses soil is an Tehnosol proxy-antro-placic-urbic. The layer of soil to a depth of 435-475 cm corresponds with foundation construction works brought to the surface through refurbishment of Timisoara. Alluvial nature of the materials that make up Tehnosolul from Square St. George is expressed by varying textures, the textures alternating silt, clay, loam to sandy-loam, clay content ranges from 22.1% to 49.8%.The most important features that highlight the strong anthropogenic influence are very high to excessive contents of phosphorus and potassium, particularly in the 260-300 cm layer. In this layer, mobile phosphorus levels are 175.89 ppm and potassium contents value of 2521 ppm.
Keywords: organic matter, excess phosphorus, potassium, copper
Presentation: oral