Jozef Smatana, Marta Andrejčíková, Milan Macák None
Spring barley and barley products belong to the important products in Slovakia, resulting mainly from the fact that Slovakia has in Europe after Germany, France and the Czech Republic the most suitable conditions for growing. The field trial was carried out over the period 2011 - 2012 on the experimental base of the Central Controlling and Testing Institute in Agriculture at Testing station Veľké Ripňany. Yield potential of eight genotypes of spring barley was tested after two forecrop (sugar beet and spring barley) on moderate brown soil with clayey loam subsoil. The evaluated year created very different agro climatic condition for spring barley in Slovakia. Warmer but very dry condition in 2012 mainly during Mai an June created very unfavourable condition for yield expression of evaluated genotypes. Average yield of all evaluated genotypes was significantly higher in 2011 (7.51 t ha-1) with comparison to 2012 (4.247 t ha-1).The all evaluated factor significantly influence the variability of yield in order of importance: year, forecrop, and genotype. Interaction of forecrop with year condition contributed significantly to the overall variability of yield. Better forecrop value of spring barley with comparison to sugar beet was confirmed in both evaluated year. Even in favourable year 2011, yield of spring barley growing after sugar beet has been significantly reduced by 0.84 t ha-1.The environmental conditions in 2011 - 2012, accounted for 58.5% of the total variability and different fore crop value participated with 20.5%of total variability of grain yield. On the average yield of grain the tested varieties were divided into two groups. The highest yield reached varieties Danielle, Salome and Calcule reached significantly higher yield of grain in both very different year conditions of 2011 - 2012 in range of 6.39 - 6.66 t ha-1. The second group of evaluated varieties Slaven, Signora, Wiebke and Petrus also revealed very high yield potential in narrow range of 6.05 - 6.08 t ha-1. All evaluated varieties are very adaptable on Slovak agricultural condition and also are disseminated to the agricultural praxis.
spring barley, forecrop, yield
Presentation: oral