Costoia Alexandru, Adrian ŞMULEAC None
The aim of this study is the placingof a flatbuilding situated in the urban area of Timisoara municipality.Currently the field has the use category of CONSTRUCTION YARD , according to the Real Estate Register excerptno. 441376 released by O.C.P.I. Timiș, the building ensemble is located on EroilorBulevard from Tisa no. 63 and it’s composed by 108 apartments with one, two ,three or four rooms, parking spaces and commercial spaces on the ground floor.The proposal consists in the placing of a construction for collective buildings and spaces with another destination (SAD) at the ground floor, underground parking lot ( S+P+8E+2Er), the arrangement of the enclosure, car access and fencing, 9th and 10th floors are withdrawn towards the facade, so this specification is required in the exact description of the building’s structure.To establish the A, B, C, D axes respectively 1, 2, 3, 4 the total station was used.The building's infrastructure situated below floor level includes the foundations, the structural elements of the basement and the floor above the basement.Once the foundation was built and the concrete floor was poured above the basement, the 0 altitude of the building was reached.In order to reach the building’s structure, frames of size 90 x 50, 40 x 80 cm and diaphragms made up from reinforced concrete were used, according to the elevation plan.The building’s superstructure contains all the constructive components (vertical and horizontal) situated above the ground floor flooring, including the roof.To achieve the building of this construction there were established 4 topographic terminals, situated on each part of the construction.The construction will be carried out in three steps: Step 1 - ensuring the enclosure , Step 2 - The infrastructure ( scalping, excavations and foundations), Step 3 - The superstructure (slab casting works, frames and diaphragmas made up from reinforced concrete).The topographical survey were achieved with the GPS GNSS equipment from Trimble R8 series and also theTrimble total station 5503 DRSTD. The unloading of the device was done with Terramodel 10.40 program, the transformation of the WGS 1984 coordinates to Stereografice 1970 coordinates was done with the TransLT program and the data processing was achieved with the TopoLT and AutoCAD 2014 programs.
GPS Trimble R8, Trimble 5503 DRSTD, Exploatare, GPS, TransDatRO, WGS 1984, Stereografic 1970, TopoLT, ACad
Presentation: poster