Iasmina Cecilia SAVESCU1 ,Narcisa Georgeta CRISTA1 , Cristina TULBURE1 None
The educational assessment represents the process of measuring the quality of educational processes or products. In the higher education space, the assessment process of students’ achievement holds a central role, as it is a guide for the students’ and teachers’ future activity. In this respect, our study aims to determine the most commonly used assessment methods at an agronomic faculty and to identify the students’ perspective concerning the most appropriate assessment methods. This study was accomplished during the second semester of the university year 2015-2016, on a sample of 64 pre-service teachers attending the first year of study at the Faculty of Agriculture of a Romanian university. The data was collected using a questionnaire of opinion as a tool, which contained a total number of 6 items, 4 items with closed, pre-coded answers and 2 items with open answers. The data analyses revealed the fact that most of the assessment methods in use are traditional (oral, write, practice examinations) and from the category of alternative methods only the portfolio and the project, and rarely, the investigation are used. The students think that it would be very useful for them to use more investigations, case studies and cognitive maps in order to assess their capacities and competencies. The results bring some openings to the theoreticians and practitioners involved in university education, and meet the need for an assessment methods diversification in tertiary education.
assessment methods; pre-service teachers; higher education
Presentation: oral