Anthropogenic pressure was manifested in time due to human activity,where it came from emerging imbalances in the environment,expressing themselves by the air pollution, ground and surface waters. This work is intended to describe the consequences on basin Someș-Tisa,because of negligence exploitation industry,agriculture and human settlements without be aware of environmental consequences and its resources on long term. Total area of the basin Someș-Tisa it is 22451,86 km2 representing 9,42% from country area. Hydrographical network include a total of 580 courses of cadastral water with a lenght 8.423 km and medium density of 0,35 km/km2. Industrial noxious are formed of various chemical substances running in atmosphere by the undertakings chemical, metallurgical, cement etc.In the years 2013-2015 at the level of basin Someș-Tisa a number of 41 industrialy sources have been identified as diffuse potentially significant pressures,belonging to the following sectors of activity: mining industry, urban waste management and industrial.Consequences which are described in this paper. In the basin Someș-Tisa the phenomenon of diffuse pollution is pronounced because of the fact that at the and of the year 2013 only a percent of 54,79% from equivalence population was connected centralized sewerage systems. In period of the years 2013-2015 have been ascertain improve the situation on endowment with sewerage system and treatment plants wastewater of urban area, fact which led to reducing the effects of diffuse pollution from the sources urban pollution. To estimate modes of producing diffuse nutrient pollution and emissions of nutrients from sources and their contribution to total emissions was used model MONERIS. It quantifies the extent to which different categories of pollution sources in the total emission of nutrients. It presents the contribution of manufacturing modes of diffuse pollution with nitrogen and phosphorus for 2012-2015 having regard to atmospheric deposition: surface leak,leakage of drainage networks, soil erosion, groundwater flow, leakage from impervious urban areas. After analyzing and monitoring the basin Someș-Tisa for 2013-2015 period we can say that is gets an negative anthropogenic poluation because of agriculture, industry and human settlements by not use centralized sewerage systems, atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and phosphorus and other nutrients with.
Somes-Tisa Basin, nitrogen, phosphorus, nutrients, pressure, pollution
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