Timeea JUCSOR , Alexandru BANATEAN None
The general objective of the project. Testing of an innovative system for the design of land reclamation works. Methods used: Realising digital model of the field using the 3D scanner. Kinematic projection of the land. CAD modelling. Results: 1. the land geometry study; 2. The CAD geometrical model of the used land; 3. The Kinematic model; The first chapter briefly presents the most important information concerning the site studied, the aspects of geometry are targeted, the state of the ground conditions at the time of shooting. In the second chapter the devices used are presented and its method of use. In the third chapter the results are presented. With millimetric precision, 3D scanning allows detailed assessment of the works studied, regardless of the situation preservation of the scanned object. Data taken from the field on the structure, decay and form through 3D modelling, leads to a virtual reconstruction of the scanned object. In Chapter 4 the procedure of building the kinematic model is explained, using the 3D geometrical model obtained from the previous chapter. At the end of the study conclusions are presented with reference to the degree of fulfilment of the proposed result together with a list of bibliographical references used.
3D laser scanning, information, topography, results
Presentation: oral