Roxana-Alexandrina CLINCIU-RADU, Vasilica ONOFREI*,Gabriel TELIBAN, L. VACARCIUC **, I. PRIDA,** Teodor ROBU (coord.)* None
All Continents Earth grape wine is the most popular drink, but in the Carpathian space deficit is observed grape, especially in areas with extreme climates critical wine, where wine can be ameliorated by blending with infusions of herbs. This takes into account consumer preferences, the survey 10% of them choose discounted drinks with natural extracts, such as flavored wines. Were revealed grape varieties suitable for blended wines and preliminary study - the species of herbs recommended to get flavored infusions. Civilizations in a row over 5-8 thousand years have evolved alongside liana sip of Ampelos and solar energy by Manos grapes and rich in biologically active substances with about 150-250 nutrients and healing. In good years it taste the wines of noble and unique flavor, harmonious taste and during cold and rainy they become simple, flavorless, but high astringency. In extreme cases when the grapes are harvested at maturity incomplete, with excessive acidity factor eco-pedologic no longer improves the quality of these wines can be achieved through blending with infusions of herbs. From another point of view the problem of limited raw material harvested on global strip between 40-500 of the northern hemisphere and southern amount of active temperatures 2700-3500 0C, and climate change, causing the deficit in the wine market situation. Not negligible and appearance of globalization, even changes in consumer tastes, hence the assortment production. By the way, the latter is dictated by traditional ampelography: Choose disease-resistant varieties, frost, those with reduced workload, sometimes resorting to high yields to the detriment of quality assurance. In other words, mediocre wines are enough, they require improvement [1].
flavored wine, herbs, wine biologic infusions ingredients, extraction-maceration.
Presentation: oral