Mihaela OSTAN, Alina Surdilă, Corina Luminiţa MĂRAN, Jelena SAVICI, Olga-Alina RADA None
Thrombocytopenia is a condition characterized by low number of platelets (thrombocytes) and leads to disruption of coagulation or hemostasis, manifested by increased bleeding time and clotting. The incidence of thrombocytopenia reported in the literature is between 13 % and 41 % and is associated with increased mortality and length of hospitalization. The purpose of this paper is to highlight changes in quantitative and qualitative of platelets and emphasizing the importance of haematological investigations (cell blood count, peripheral blood smear, bone marrow smear) in orientation for subsequent diagnosis thrombocytopenia. The material used in the study was the 25 blood smears, respectively 9 bone marrow smears and clusters crushed by bone marrow. CBC examination results revealed severe thrombocytopenia, platelets representing 27.25% of the minimum reference value in healthy individuals. Associated it was observed 74.89 % reduction in red blood cells count, in hemoglobin 77.91 %, hematocrit to 82.80% and reduction with 29.20 % of total leukocytes from the minimum reference value. The blood count was found to drastically reduce the proportion of granulocytes, monocytes 25% reduction and the increase of lymphocytes twice. Examination of blood smears revealed changes in platelet morphology (presence of macrothrombocytes and platelet aggregates) associated with morphologic changes in white blood cells (blasts presence on smear) and in erythrocytes (dacriocite, anisocytosis and hypochromia). Bone marrow smear revealed that approximately 33.33% of study smears present trombocitogen megakaryocytes activit, which indicates that bone marrow is functional and marrow produces platelets; 66.66 % of smears from bone marrow megakaryocytes examined were absent, probably stored in the spleen or their production was blocked by the presence of other inhibitors, may immune or hereditary cause.
thrombocytopenia, CBC, blood smear, marrow smear
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