Groszler Astrid-Simone, Okros Adalbert, Dragoescu Alina-Andreea None astrid.groszler@gmail.com
In the context of globalization, a need arises nowadays for specialists in various technical and scientific fields all around the world to properly communicate with each other. For the last decades, the common language of science has been English. In order to convey the correct information, scientists need to properly translate technical terms from their native language into English. This is not always an easy task, since there is never a perfect equivalence of terms. Therefore, non-native speakers often encounter problems when using another language instead of their native one. There are similarities based on the same common latin word root for some terms in various languages, but there are also many terms which can not be translated by using the same word or words in English as in Romanian. One of the hottest subjects nowadays, in terms of economical importance, is agriculture, specifically ecological or sustainable agriculture. Its importance has risen exponentially in the last decade, as more and more industrialised countries turn towards a more natural way of life. We encounter agriculture in almost every economical and even social branch. The highlight in tourism today is agritourism. The food industry also relies more and more on agricultural products. The present paper offers a basic glossary of Romanian terms employed in agriculture and their English equivalents. It targets not only researchers and academic staff, but also students pertaining to all levels, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies, since they are bound to come into contact with specific English vocabulary either in their bibliographical studies, or through scholarships and internships. Moreover, the paper aims to shed some light upon the reasons behind the difficulties in translation and indicate reliable sources which will help researchers and students in their further contact with ESP (English for Special Purposes).
agricultural terms, equivalency, translation, English for Special Purposes
field crops and pastures
Presentation: oral