Alina Mărghitan, BUASVM of Timişoara, Romania,, Viorica BOACĂ, BUASVM of Timişoara, Romania, None
Analysing the factors that influence learning and lead to learning and professional success has been the topic of numerous researches aiming at improving the teaching and educational process. This paper presents a research regarding the relationships between personality factors according to the Big Five Model and school records, i.e. annual average after the first college year. Given that human personality mediates coping style or strategies, a low number of researchers have carried out the study of the importance of personality, of personality traits, and of the necessity of evaluating these traits. The goal of the study was to point out the configuration of personality factors in relation to school records at the end of the first year of college in the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017 on a sample of 90 undergraduates of the faculties of agriculture, horticulture, farm management and food processing. Descriptive analysis pointed out the different configuration of personality factors in relation to learning outcomes. This research is of interest for both academics and practitioners interested in increasing learning success and better knowing and developing the personality of the students.
learning success, personality, learning intelligence, education
social sciences
Presentation: oral