AUTHORS: Student Florin Cristian BÂRLIBA1, Student Ionuț GHEORGHESCU1 COORDINATORS: Asist. dr. ing. Anca-Maria MOSCOVICI1 None
Mobile GIS (Mobile Geographical Information System) applications are evolving along with development of mobility, geoinformatics. It represent user knowledge of the geographic details of the application area and the user's ambition to explore geographical maps anywhere, anytime. Network analysis is a major requirement and necessity for many smartphones users who need to know where they are or manage their travels and journeys. This idea faces many challenges in navigating online from exact user position to a destination point using algorithms and solutions for navigation software, in the same time fixing issues that can show in the process. This research paper presents a Mobile GIS application and emphasizes the role of Mobile network analysis for Mobile users with embedded GIS applications. This type of work differentiates Mobile GIS from other Geographical Information System achievements, such as desktop GIS and Web-GIS. Mobile GIS works have a low or zero cost because there is no need to buy special devices so that works can be done with a smartphone with GPS. Anyone who wants to improve these platforms can do it by creating an account. For geodetic precision, there are solutions to the problem as connecting a GNSS antenna to the Mobile device for field data collection (smartphone, tablet, etc.). For accomplishment of the field work there were used smartphones as Apple Iphone 6S, Apple Iphone 5S, and a tablet, Allview AX4 Nano with the Here Map Creator Mobile application installed, and the field data has been processed at the office directly on the Here Map Creator online platform. Mobile GIS applications have been made in the Mehala and Circumvalation neighborhoods, located in the N-V part of Timisoara, on the streets with blocks of flats and in the area with houses. The Here Map application was used to map and update field data, and Mapillary was used to build the street view map in which it was used. The work took place in several stages of the field, then at the office where the data was processed. The purpose of the paper was to upload the results to an on-line database. At the final stage, a review of the entire work was carried out by comparing the updated map with other Mobile GIS platforms such as and Google Maps.
Mobile GIS, Here Map Creator, Database, GPS.
environmental engineering
Presentation: oral