Anca Amalia UDRISTE 1*and Liliana BADULESCU 1,2 None
GM technology, enables scientists to insert into a plant's genome a single gene, or a few of them, from another species of plant or even from a bacterium, virus or animal. The kinds of alterations caused by the insertion of genes from other species might be more impactful, more complex or more subtle than those caused by the intraspecies gene swapping of conventional breeding. Alteration of entire packages of genes is a natural process that has been happening in plants for half a billion years and it tends to produce few scary surprises today. Changing a single gene, on the other hand, might turn out to be a more hazardous action, with unexpected effects, including the production of new proteins that might be toxins or allergens. In this review we will discuss about the benefits versus worries of GM foods, also, the authorisation of GMOs in the UE.
GMOs, food safety
Presentation: poster