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The present documentation is made up of a topographic work towards preparing the project for an AGROTOURISTIC PENSION. This was done at the request of the beneficiary who will complete the work through European funds.. The drawn and written pieces were set up in accordance with the no. 50/1991 Law, republished with the subsequent amendments and additions. The building is located in the town of Temeșești, no. 11, Săvârşin Commune, Arad County and is privately owned. The land of 3348 square meters is inscribed in C.F. 301432 Săvârşin target topographic number 301432. The land is located on the upper terrace of the Mures River, a high meadow area, without the danger of flooding. The land is parallel to the street, with a street front of 1645, and access by means of transport like cars of small capacity to minibus level. There is pedestrian access in the area by using the pavement on the property's edge, the green area and the river drainage ditch between the sidewalk and the road. Access inside the building is on the south side of the street over a footbridge with a load of up to 7.5 tons. The Agroturistic Boarding House will be a tourist accommodation complex located in the rural area of Temeșești, which will offer accommodation services through the future construction of the pension, a restaurant where 3 meals based on traditional products obtained from own resources or in the immediate vicinity can be served; and leisure , relaxation and recreation activities in the specially arranged area in the pension yard, car park with a capacity of up to 8 parking spaces arranged at the entrance pension and its precincts. Agropoda will be a family business with separate access to the restaurant for tourists not accommodated in the pension and access ways inside the boarding house for tourists that are billed at the pension. In the hotel area, the access to the rooms will be provided by an access ladder in the attic area, where there will be a number of 6 rooms available, equipped with their own sanitary units and a balcony. The topographical works in their initial stage consisted of the topographical surveys of identification and subsequent drawing of the construction, and in theur final phase, which is the actual object of this work of creating surveys on each floor of the building. For this stage, two distomate-telemeter laser topographical instruments were used , and also specialized graphics software such as AutoCAD.
distomat, situation plan, survey.
environmental engineering
Presentation: oral