R. Drienovsky, Alma L. Nicolin, C. Rujescu, F. Sala None
The importance of knowing the plant’s individual foliar surface and the foliar indexes has led, in time, to the development of a series of methods that help in the determination of the foliar surface. Among these methods, the ones based on imagery are of high interest. The present study reveals the Scan LeafArea application, used in the determination of the foliar surface of plants. The leaves from three species of trees have been studied, Birch (Betula pendulata Roth), walnut (Jugland regia L.) and silver lily (Tilia tomentosa Moench). The leaves were randomly harvested from the tree crowns and were scanned in a 1:1 ratio in the RGB color system. The Scan LeafArea application was developed in Processing Program, with codes written in Java programming language. The foliar surface has been determined by the present application and by a well-known software program, ImageJ that helped in the results comparison. The leaves of the birch tree had a foliar surface that ranged between 13.43 – 44.48 cm2 with a mean value of 28.55±2.67 cm2 by using the proposed application, and the ImageJ software has obtained values between 13.25 – 44.71 cm2 and a mean value of 28.59 cm2. The mean difference between the two methods was -0.04 cm2. By using Scan LeafArea application, the leaves of the walnut, had a foliar surface ranging from 21.92-114.30 cm2 with a mean value of 65.78 cm2. For the same type of leaves, the ImageJ program has registered the following results: values between 21.32 - 114.32 cm2 with a mean value of 65.47 cm2 and the mean difference between the two methods is represented by the value 0.31 cm2. The same process had been held for the linden leaves and with the help of the Scan LeafArea, its foliar surface ranged between 23.89 - 98.11 cm2 with a mean value of 63.96 cm2. ImageJ had the following results: foliar surface value: 23.25 - 97.94 cm2 and mean value: 63.58 cm2. The mean difference between the program and the software is 0.37 cm2. The relationship between the foliar surface determined by the application Scan LeafArea and the one revealed by ImageJ software has been described by the first degree mathematical equations in the following statistical condition: p<0.001, R2=0.999.
Scan LeafArea, foliar surface, leaves, plants, IT application, Processing Program, Java
Presentation: oral