Viorela Corina MARCU, Ioana GROZEA None
Nezara viridula, popularly known as the green stink bug, is a pentatomide species considered to be invasive for our country. Its place of origin is a tropical area in Africa. Continuous adaptation to other temperate, cooler areas is a feature of adaptability and serious consideration. Evolution of the species at European level highlights its presence in 25 countries. Being a species recently introduced in Romania (2010), monitoring activities are encouraged. Previous studies have highlighted the presence of the species in the western part of the country, more precisely in Timis County. Partial references of its presence in the southwest of the country have convinced us that through this paper we will focus on monitoring activities. The main purpose is to identify new places where the pest is present and, of course, to identify new host plants. The damage to crops and repercussions on the productions were detected. The observations were carried out between June and October 2017. The target area was Caras Severin County. There were 5 observation points (OP) for 8 localities or observation zones (OZ), so that the 40 OP cover the entire county. The research methodology is an adapted one, currently there are no monitoring methods and population evaluation with the specificity of the Nezara. For this purpose, field movements were conducted, where direct readings were made on the plants and also samples of attacked plants were taken. Field activity was mixed with laboratory activity to identify the stage of development and the host plant. The obtained results showed that most exemplars were found in BSZO3PO4 in the Bocsa area, August (with an average of 87.6 individuals/5 readings). Insects have also been observed in Oravita and Moldova Noua, Caransebes and Baile Herculane, respectively in the ORZO4PO2, MNZO5PO3, CSZO2PO2 and BHZO8PO3 (4) points. The host plants identified in 2017 were beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and raspberries. In the observation areas of Anina, Resita and Otelu Rosu, no individuals or plants with characteristic symptoms were found. In comparison to the previous years, the species has modified its habitats and also the population level.
Nezara viridula, green stink bug, monitoring, invasive, observation points.
Presentation: poster