Cristina Coradini, Valeriu Tabara, Irina Petrescu, Camelia Giuchici None
Marigolds took place from the unstable and easy to entertain flowers of garden, with amazing properties ornamental and medical. In purpose of identification if seeds weight was correlated and influenced the germinal capacity, it had been study 16 of local population of Calendula officinalis L. From diffrent localities of Hunedoara district. It were analysed different categorie of seeds: big, medium and small. Local populations supposed for testing in laboratory conditions had germination over 50%. Germination might be minimum of 70-85% to can seeding in the field and to assure the necessar number of plant for arising. The immediately practical utility of the results investigation asserted very much the proposed theme work. In Romania relatively realised a few investigations concerning the correlation existance between seeds weight of Calendula crops and its germinal capacity. Being a success the ones mentioned, it was assessed to make some complex investigations for teoretical argumentation and methods advancement used in some correlations identification between germinal capacity of marigolds seeds and its weight, which constituted an actual matter for our country concerning the development of raw material quality, because that medical plant was one of those plants used in cosmetical production, natural medicines, pharmaceutic preparations , etc. Taking in view the diversity of matter, the observations, collected data in the field and laboratory, the paper had both big complexity degree and one of big visibility, the investigations being centered towards resolving some matters with small degree of knowledge and of presence in speciality literature of Calendula species and also with a great importance for pharmaceutic and cosmetical industry. Results conffirmed some data from speciality literature, thank to that one it existed a strong correlation between seeds weight and germinal capacity. The present paper belongs to a big work which had like study “Resistance testing of some species of Calendula officinalis L. to Thysanoptera pest attack through different methods/techniques of analysis concerning the improvement of raw material quality”, that represented the theme of postdoctoral- dissertation.
Calendula officinalis, correlations, seeds, germination
Presentation: oral