E. IEVA, I. MACRA, Georgeta POP None
Agriculture evolves in a context characterized by the trend of development and the successful application of the latest knowledge and technologies in order to solve an essential problem of the development of society, which refers to the food supply in accordance with the rhythm of growth of the population and at acceptable prices. The increasing demand for food determines the necessity for us in the country to use modern agricultural production technologies, able to properly exploit the natural potential, leading to the production of food in order to meet the ever increasing needs of both quantity and quality of of the population, as well as the creation of export availability. A modern and performing agriculture can not be done without specialists without a strong R & D sector, with no specific technologies for each crop group and for each area, permanently adapted to climate change and in line with environmental protection requirements. Mark Rosegrant, researcher at the International Research Institute for Agricultural Policies, in the study "Food safety in a world with a shortage of natural resources - the role of agricultural technologies," states that, I quote: "The reality is that one technology or agricultural practice can not provide enough food for the whole world. Instead, we must promote the use of the largest possible number of these technologies to increase the yield of agriculture. "If we also take into account the growth of the global population - which could reach over 9 billion people by the year 2050, while we we find a big question mark about guaranteeing global food safety. Agricultural cooperatives are the forms of association with the highest economic potential in our country's agriculture. Thus, the development of the economic component within the activities of agricultural cooperatives is a strategic objective, which requires integration in the sphere of national agricultural policies. This has to be harmonized with the implementation of programs for the consolidation of Agricultural Marketing Associations, which must establish and maintain advantageous intra- and extra-cooperative relations (agricultural producers and cooperatives, market partners).
Agricultural cooperatives, associations, marketing
field crops and pastures
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