E. IEVA, I. MACRA, Georgeta POP None
Tradition, habits, and overall attitudes to change are important factors that affect the use of performing technologies. The role of technology is to improve the relationship of consumption to ultimately produce as high and highest production at a unit cost as low as possible. Technology is the study of methods and processes used in various sectors of agriculture, such as: field crop technology, horticultural technology, livestock technology. Technology is materialized on agricultural land by the technological flow, which represents the totality of methods and works in their natural order and sequence, starting from the preparation of the land for sowing to the harvesting of products and the removal of vegetal remains.Agricultural systems are functional units specific to the natural and socio-economic framework, created for the production of vegetal and animal production, directed and controlled by the farmer, based on solid economic, ecological and technological fundamentals applied under different climatic and soil conditions, high quality, and economically efficient production. Following the same authors, the main agricultural systems are: traditional (family) agriculture, intensive farming, sustainable agriculture, integrated agriculture, organic agriculture. Choosing a type of technology helps farmers to minimize the risk of damage by constant production and, on the other hand, reducing production costs. The general objective of conventional technology and technology is to ensure a high and constant crop yield per year on a land surface with a given labor and financial consumption. The productivity of a technology is given by the quantity of products obtained and by the labor consumption at the surface unit. Agricultural technology also includes a social, cultural and psychological component, which is based on understanding, knowledge, receptivity from those who apply its methods . For example, landlessness has created real structural imbalances in agriculture, but also a social crisis. The employed population in agriculture has become older and less receptive to association in economically viable farms and the adoption of new technologies.
agricultural type, structure, systems, technology
field crops and pastures
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