Cristina Coradini, Valeriu Tabara, Irina Petrescu, Camelia Giuchici None
Marigolds (Calendula officinalis L.), were medical plants with a true source of Vitamin C, protean substances, bitterness substances, having an agreeable balmy smell. The profound knowledge of medical plants, inclusively marigolds, it sphere of usage was developed, especially in the middle of last century, of its cropping being very much people interested, because of exceptional therapeutic qualities which possessed and had to base the complex of active biological substances . Calendula officinalis L. was great in treatments of a lot of illnesses, and its administration was very well accepted by the organism, being nontoxic . All these features of marigolds made that the purpose of that paper to be the index identification of laboratory germination to 16 local populations from Hunedoara district. The knowledge of germinal capacity was very important to be assured the necessary number of plants at the emergence. Investigation made offered knew perspectives in direction of germinal capacity testing of those local populations and filling the scientific data base through foundation of identification’s methods of germinal capacity in laboratory . Taking in view that the tests of germination of spontaneous flora were very complex, it could consider that a part of seeds couldn’t be, anyway, carried out of germinal break. The results obtained through testing and monitoring the germinal capacity of Calendula officinalis L. seeds permitted the identification of some germination indicators of biological material . Investigation brought a data base of valorous reference about germinal capacity of local populations in Western Romania, as Hunedoara district. The present paper belongs to a big work which had like study “Resistance testing of some species of Calendula officinalis L. to Thysanoptera pest attack through different methods/techniques of analysis concerning the improvement of raw material quality”, that represented the theme of postdoctoral- dissertation.
Calendula officinalis L., germinal energy, germinal faculty
Presentation: oral