Mihuț Casiana, Niță L.D. None
The paper presents the influence of atmospheric factors in the formation, evolution and utilization of soil resources. Of the atmospheric factors, with a major involvement in the formation of soil resources in Arad County, but not least, the greatest importance is the light, the average annual temperature, both the atmospheric and the soil level, the average annual rainfall. The direct or limited conditioning of these factors, the soils and, implicitly, the production obtained due to these atmospheric factors makes them have a particular importance and a role in the growth and development of plants, with direct involvement in the harvested crops. The studies were conducted over a three-year period (2015-2017). The studied area was Arad County. Within the area, the areas were chosen taking into account the type of soil, altitude, slope, exhibition and groundwater level. Annual averages of temperatures, rainfall and light intensity were calculated both as annual averages and monthly averages of the vegetation period, respectively in April-October. The results obtained from the calculations revealed that the major importance in the manifestation of each climatic character is determined by the geographical position, the slope of the terrain and the soil texture. Studies by other researchers have shown that variations in time and space require in-depth microclimate research, characteristics specific to each portion of the wounded territories. On the other hand, it is necessary to determine the sizes specific to each of the climatic properties and then to develop mathematical and regression curve expressions. In order to give faithful account of the influence of the water resource, a series of mathematical models have been tried over the years that only partially met the needs. A generalized synthetic index, more relevant to the possibility of plant photosynthesis, resulted from the multiplication of annual average temperatures (or other thermal resource ratios) with annual average precipitation (hydrothermal index) (D. Teaci - 1976).
soil, temperatures, precipitation, light intensity, slope, texture
sciences soil
Presentation: poster