Virgil Scărlătescu, Diana Vasile, Lucian Dincă None
Genus Vaccinium (Ericaceae), subfamily Vaccinioideae, tribe Vaccinieae comprises 36 sections and, reach more than 450 species. Most known species are, in Europa: V. mirtillus, named “Heildelbeere”, “Blaubeere etc. which is commonly used as medicinal plant and in potted fruit. The aim of this article is to describe some Vaccinium species that are collected in the Al Beldie Herbarium from INCDS Marin Drăcea Bucharest. The Herbarium host 149 plates with Allium genus species. Most plates belong to V. myrtillus, V. uliginosum and V. vitis-idaea. The oldest Vaccinium specimen was collected in 1850. The herbarium specimens were generally in good condition except for a smaller number of specimens which were damaged. The Herbarium Collection Al Beldie stored in INCDS Bucharest has an immense historical and museological importance. The Vaccinium genus in this collection is very diverse. The diversity of this material also pertains to areas and habitat types in which the material was collected. Considering the age of this herbarium material, it may be used for comparison with present-day conditions of flora in the same areas
areas, collection, flora, genus, specimen
Sustainable Development, Environmental Engineering and Geomatics
Presentation: oral