C. HUSU, Simona NIȚĂ, L. NIŢĂ None nitasimona70@yahoo.com
Abstract: Cereals represent the plant plant group with the largest area of spreading in all the world's cultural areas. implicitly in Romania. The beans (fruits) of these field plants, rich in unattached extractive substances (about 2/3 of their content) and other compounds (proteins, fats, vitamins, etc.), have extensive uses in human food bread, pasta etc.) and animals, or as raw materials for different industries. They are among the oldest plants in culture in the Mediterranean Basin, Caucasus and Central Asia, etc., having a history of about ten thousand years. Cereal grains are used as a raw material for a number of industries such as alcohol, alcohol, beer, dextrin, glucose, etc., and straw are used as raw material in the pulp and paper industry. Autumn wheat reacts positively to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers administered together on all soil types in Romania. The N: P ratio is in favor of nitrogen, especially on poor soils in nitrogen, wetlands, rainy years, or precursor plants that consume a large amount of nitrogen (corn, sugar beet, potato, etc.). Grain is a very important food plant grown in over 50 countries, wheat feeds 35-40% of the world's population. Grain is mostly used in the manufacture of bread and products made from flour. The wheat originates from Jarmo settlement in the East of Iraq, and in our country the wheat crop is known from the Upper Palaeolithic and the Bronze Age. Wheat bran are of three kinds: spring varieties, autumn varieties and walking varieties. Autumn varieties hold 70% of the world's surface, and in our country the wheat variety owns 98-99% of the total wheat fields because this variety is more productive for the temperate climate of our countries. In many countries wheat is also used for animal feed, and has the following advantages over corn: - is much richer in terms of proteins with a better nutritional value than corn; - wheat has a higher content of vitamins - wheat production is similar to corn - the price of wheat is lower than maize, wheat is completely mechanizable - after grain, a second crop can be obtained, in good irrigation conditions, - wheat is harvested earlier and is a good precursor for other crops.
wheat, fertilization, quality, protein
field crops and pastures
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