Fanel Constantin Tarjoc, Valeriu Tabara None
Abstract: For the production of beer, especially for the production of varieties of beer for various brands, quality of raw material obtained from barley  is very important. In the category of quality traits of barley are: dry matter (%), starch content (%), protein (%), fat (%) extract(%), ash (%), germination faculty (%). The research on this paper aims to find best technological elements to obtain higher quality of malt barley. Fertilizer application and selection of suitable varieties are two of the most important links in order to obtain best quality. This study is par of the author's doctoral research and is in progress to public sustaining of the doctoral thesis. In order to obtain concluding results were organized experiences of bi-factorial type. Experimental facts, were placed in the field after the method of over lapping strips During vegetation, were carried out three foliar fertilization, using products PlantfertU, MicrofertU and TerraSorb. Were tested four varieties of winter barle: Laura, Trasko, Plaissant and Clarine. Laboratory tests were made at the brewery Distillery Sudrigiu European Food and Scandic , which has a laboratory equipped with modern equipment with which they could obtain very precise values of some parameters of the chemical elements that make complex traits of winter barley and spring barley designed to achieve a high quality beer . The highest value of dry matter content was unregistered on Laura variety, on basic fertilization with N 48 P 48 K 48 – 88.32%. From the fertilizants poit of view best result in starch content were obtained usig PlantfertU while from the poit of view of varieties best results were obtained on Trasko and Plaisant varieties. From the analysis of results obtain on winter barley we find that the differences between varieties are significant on two varieties, Laura and Trasko, the protein content excedees 8%, while on the rest of varieties the protein content is lower
winter barley, quality elements; foliar fertilization; varieties
Presentation: oral