NICU Ilie Radu, SĂRĂŢEANU Veronica None
Biodiversity analysed in global system represents the variety of the living beings species that populate the biosphere. The structure of a biocoenose is given by the spatial distribution of the individuals and the spatial and temporal relationships set among them. In the analysis of the structure of a biocoenose are used a series of quantitative indicators that allow us to asses more precisely the contribution and role of every species in the biocoenose and in the realisation of the biomass production. In this way, by an abstract approach there are used practical applications and measurements that help to quantify the biodiversity relative values. These methods are useful for the setting of the measures for protection of the species or species communities. Many researchers have demonstrated the relationship between the fertility of the soil and the specific diversity of a vegetation community, respectively the changes at the level of fertility determinate changes in the biomass production and respectively on the species number from the affected community. The importance of the paper topic is given by the fact that in our country grasslands have the greatest species number from all the terrestrial ecosystems. Thus, grasslands represent an important source of feed for the cattle and a biodiversity reservoir. Their quality is very important, they being highly valuable from economic and ecologic point of view. The purpose of the work is to characterize grassland from the marginal area of Timişoara (Timiş County) to diagnose its condition. For the vegetation analysis there was realised the floristic inventory. The researches had in view the analysis of the following vegetation features: floristic composition and several ecological specters (life-form, bio-geographical elements, temperature, moisture and soil pH). The data have been collected from grassland from the margin of the town Timişoara along the road to the locality Becicherecul Mic, the data being collected during June 2018. The vegetation cover has mosaic like aspect formed from mesophytic and halophytic patches of vegetation. During the rainy years the halophytic vegetation is expressing less due the leaching of the salts.
grassland, spectre, vegetation, life-form, bio-geographical elements, temperature, moisture and soil pH
field crops and pastures
Presentation: poster