Alina –Andreea ABRUDAN , D. ŢĂRĂU None
The purpose of the researches is based on current scientific and practical discourses on the accumulation of knowledge on the spatial peculiarities of the natural frame as elements that define the quality of the soils and the possible pressures on them. The importance of the topic is derived from the fact that the relations between the soil characteristics and the main cultivated species can establish relationships of varied and complex reciprocity. So the soil properties can exert a definite influence on the development of the root system, mineral nutrition, ensuring the aerohydric and thermal regime necessary for the physiological processes and the plants (phytocoenoses) in their turn act both directly and indirectly on the soil fertility status. Considering that these considerations in the paper are presented on the basis of the research carried out during the doctoral school, respectively 28.09.2015 and so far on the subject "Research on ecopedological bases of land productivity in Lipovei Hills and possible pressures on their quality”, some aspects related to the structure of edafic cover and to the particularities of the main types and associations of soils, to their quality status and some restrictive characteristics of land quality, characteristics that define their vocation for certain utilities. By its geographical location the area known as Lipovei Hills, Lipovei Piedmont or Lipova Plateau is situated in the western part of the country, between the geographical coordinates: 21o22’30’’ şi 22o21’30’’ eastern longitude and 45o55’ şi 46o15’ north latitude, as a transition unit between the Western Carpathian orogen and the low, subsidence area of the Banat-Crişana Plain, which imparts to the area specific specicities of real interest for the scientific research. The necessity of the geomorphological and pedological researches of this depression unit of Mureş de Jos (the actual piedmont complex Lipovei Hills) was also imposed for socio-economic and agricultural reasons in particular, because without knowing how the natural landscape evolved, from origins to at present, it is not possible to determine how the lands and soils will develop in the future.
soil, land, quality, limitations, restrictions
sciences soil
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