Liana Mihaela FERICEAN, Mihaela CORNEANU, C. NETOIU, Mihaela IVAN, A. BIRAU, Olga RADA None
On the global and national level, aphids are an entomological group that is most important in terms of their implications for agriculture and horticulture. They produce extended harm to most plants, either directly, by extracting the sap of the plant, or indirectly by the transmission of a large number of phytopathogenic viruses. Given these considerations, and that in Romania there is insufficient research on the structure of aphid fauna and flight dynamics on the cherry tree, our research can make important contributions in this area. The study presents data referring to the flight behavior of aphids on the cherry tree. The research has been carried out in the year 2017. Species were collected from orchards from Didactic Station Timisoara (Timiş County - a plain area) and Varfurile, (Arad County - a mountain area) from Romania. In the pedoclimatic conditions of the West of Romania, following the researches carried out in the year 2017, the aphid fauna of the cherry in the plain area was very rich with a total of 12 species: Aphis fabae, Aphis frangulae, Aphis pomi, Aphis nasturti, Brachycaudus cardui, Brachycaudus, Dysaphis plantaginea, Hyalopterus pruni, Myzus persicae, Phorodon humuli, Rhopalosiphum padi, Rhopalosiphum poae. Regarding flight behavior of aphid populations, the month of May began with large population, reaching the highest number of individuals in the last decade, when there were collected 12 species of aphids. August is characterized by a regression period of the flight intensity, the population is reduced due to adverse thermal conditions and the fact that many species of aphids have migrated to secondary host plants. Regarding flight behavior, levels peak in May and September, when aphids return the primary host plant. Knowing aphids fauna of the cherry tree and flight behavior is important for optimal timing of treatments application to combat aphids. The aim of this study was to investigate and identify aphid species in orchards of the cherry tree in West of Romania.
behaviour, aphids, Prunus avium, flight
Presentation: poster