Ioana GROZEA, Ana Covilca MUNTEAN None ioana_entomol@yahoo.com
A new non-native species of stink bugs was accidentally identified in the ornamental landscapes in the western part of Romania. This is Leptoglossus occidentalis which is framed in follow systematic units: Insect class, Hemiptera order, Heteroptera suborder, Coreidae family and Coreinae subfamily. It is also known as western conifer seed bug (WCSB). The species originates in North America, where it has gradually expanded, covering the entire continent. Europe has been accidentally introduced in some parts of Europe, including Romania. In Romania, there are no detailed species-related references, only one published as a short (even very short, 1-page communication) and this does not fully satisfy the identification characters and the host plant range. The first 5 exemplars were found in a private garden from Timis County, in October of 2017, then several month later, in the same location (but during the vegetation period), there were 12 exemplars on a relatively small surface and these were observed directly on woody plants. The host plants that have been observed consisted of 2 species of juniper and 3 of pine species such as: Meyeri virginiana, Jenuperus squamata Blue Carpet, Pinus mugho mughus, Pinus silvestri and Pinus nigra. Own detailed features of morphological identification of the adult form of the species as well as the presence of insect at world level are also provided by this paper. Observations consisted of direct macroscopic studies on plants and insects in the area (habitat), but also in laboratory studies detailed on the binocular magnifier. The latter ones were performed at the Phytosanitary Diagnosis and Expertise Laboratory. Insect-host interaction is evidenced by the mechanisms of attack and the created symptoms and indirectly the particular and general damage to a given ecosystem. The potential for expansion across the western part of Romania, and especially in green spaces or botanical and relaxation parks, is still being addressed.
Leptoglossus occidentalis, western conifer seed bug, insect pest, juniper, pine.
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