Olivér Soós – Ildikó SZALÓKINÉ ZIMA – Attila RIBÁCS – Noémi HERNÁDI None
The authors carried out their research in Holstein-Friesian breed under the conditions of organic farming. The colostrum antibody content was measured as a function of the time elapsed since calving, the authors also measured the effect of the time of the first colostrum on the antibody level of the 48-hour calf serum and on the number of days of sickness until the 10th day of life. The efficacy of a commercially available bovine colostrum product against fresh colostrum has also been investigated. Colostrum at calving Brix % (control value) 26.96+/-3.11; after 12 hours 17.50+/-1.30 (65% of control value); after 24 hours 8.04+/-0.92 (30% of control value) (n = 10; SD5% = 1.85). Brix % of the serum of 48-hour calves, fed immediately after birth (control value) 9.06+/-0.73; fed 2 hours later 7.32+/-0.34 (81 % of control value); fed 4 hours later 5.86+/-0.35 (65 % of control value). In case of calves fed by the colostrum product just after birth 7.66+/-0.24 (85 % of control value) (n = 10; SD5% = 0.41). The number of sick days per 1 calf being fed immediately after birth is 0.4; that in the 2-hour group is 0.8; in the 4-hour group 1.3; in the group with the colostrum product it is 0.5 – it shows a very close second degree correlation with serum Brix % values (R2 = 0.9559). It can be stated that the content of colostrum antibody (Brix %) decreased rapidly after calving. In case of calves, the more time passed between the birth and first colostrum feeding the less effective it was to pick up the antibody from the colostrum, which is supported by the Brix % of serum and the number of days of sickness, as well. Each group received colostrum milked immediately after calving, only the time of first drink was different. If necessary, timely drinking of a good quality colostrum preparation can be an appropriate alternative for calves, but their mothers’ fresh colostrum is a more reliable protection. The results confirm that calf rearing by feeding them with colostrum after birth is the most sensitive segment of cattle breeding and that well-functioning colostrum management is key to establishing well-producing stocks.
Holstein-Friesian, colostrum management, calf rearing, bucket feeding
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