Emilia VECHIU, Maria Dincă None
The present article analyses the plant species belonging to the Cytisus Genus and present in Al. Beldie Herbarium from Marin Drăcea National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry (INCDS), Bucharest. This Herbarium is registered in Index Herbariorum and contains over 40 000 vouchers. Cytisus Genus belongs to the Fabaceae Family which contains over 490 plant species with medicinal properties. The species from this Genus are cultivated both for their ornamental aspect as well as for their bioactive properties. The Genus is present in Europe, Asia, North Africa and South Africa. Among the species present in the Herbarium we mention: Cytisus nigricans L., Cytisus hirsutus L., Cytisus elongatus Waldst. & Kit., Cytisus albus., Cytisus albus Hacq., Cytisus austriacus L., Cytisus falcatus Waldst. & Kit., Cytisus leucotrichus L., Cytisus leucanthus Waldst. & Kit., Cytisus heuffelii Wierzb. etc. These plants were gathered from all over Romania as well as from abroad by renowned specialists such as Al. Beldie, P. Cretzoiu, G. P. Grințescu, St. Purcelean, At. Haralamb, Al. Borza, C.C. Georgescu, S. Pașcovschi, I. Pop, I. Prodan, A. Richter, Wolff, E. Reverchon and E.I. Nyárády. The data from each voucher include the name of the species, the harvesting year, the harvesting place, the person who has collected them as well as their conservation degree. The plants were gathered over 140 years, from 1850 until 1990. The oldest plant dates back to 1852, while the majority of them were harvested in the period 1930-1939. The most number of species from this Genus were collected from Romania, namely from Argeș, Bihor, Ilfov, Bistrița Năsăud, Caraș Severin, Dolj, Mureș, Sibiu, Brașov and Cluj counties. A small number of species were gathered from Europe, especially from France, Hungary and Italy. The plants were kept in good conditions so that their conservation degree is very very good.
Cytisus, herbarium, plants
environmental engineering
Presentation: oral