The autumn vetchs are fodder plants with multiple uses. They can be used as main, stubble or intermediate crops or can be successfully used as green manure on different soil types. The autumn vetch inclusion in the agricultural crop rotation is auspicious attributes as it can contribute to the improving of the soil properties (density, porosity, accumulation of humus in soil) primarily because legumes are able to fix the nitrogen atmosphere ( Clark et al, 2007; Schulz et al, 1999 ). The purpose of this paper is to determine correlations between the main morphological characters of autumn vetches in the phenophase 46 (according to the code BBCH- Uwe Meyer, 2001)  in order to evaluate their potential, when they are used as green manure. Thus there was shown a strong linear correlation between the internodes number and the number of roots, between the plant weight and the shrub height, between the root number and the nodule number, between the plant weight and the number of roots, respectively between the plant weight and the nodule number. Based on these correlations it was determined functional dependences between these well correlated morphological characters. In particular, it was determined the linear regression of the root number based on the internodes number, the linear regression of shrub height depending on the plant weight, and the linear regression of nodule number based on the number of roots As biological material was used the autumn vetch, seeded in September, after a bearded ryegrass culture. The vetch will be incorporated into the soil, as green manure. In this situation, we are interested in both the morphological characters at the ground surface, as they represent the amount of biomass and the root characters because they influence the soil processes, and by their death they enrich the humus layer. It is not insignificant that the morphological characters development at the ground surface increases the characters and properties of root such as root weight, main root length, number of secondary roots and the root nodule number. There are positive linear correlations between the number of roots and the internodes number; the shrub height and the plant weight; the nodule number and the number of roots Based on these correlations there were determined functional dependencies between these well correlated morphological characters.
autumn vetch, morphological characters, linear correlation, linear regression.
Presentation: oral