. Research have been made on an over-intensive apple plantation in Caransebes for Yonathan kind, through bioecological observations based on meteorological and ecological factors. The population estimation of Anthonomous pomorum (the apple blossom weevils) was made by shaking the trees on sheets and with the help of trapping supporting undergarment placed on the trunk, and determining the number of weevils on m3 from the crown in order to apply the treatment for fighting against them. In fighting agaisnt weevils the following insecticides have been used: Calypso 480 SC, Diazol 60 EC, Sinoratox Plus applied in phenophase of 10 – 15 % floral buds de-budded before the weevils lay the eggs. The chemical treatment is applied on plantations in which the frequency of attack in the previous year exceeded 8 – 10 % and the density of populations correlated with the load level of fruit buds trees has values of 0,5 – 1 weevils crown meter. Similarly can be used PED of 10-25 weevils (100 shakes branches). In order to rationalize the treatment applied, the efficiency of pesticide Calypso 480 SC, which applied during the warned period has reduced the frequency of attacks comparative to the treatment applied outside the warning period, a fact observed in pesticide Sinoratox Plus and Diazol 60 EC as well. The chemical treatment is applied in plantations where the rate of attack in the previous year exceeded 8-10% in orchards with normal flowering, 10-15% in those with poor flowering and 3-8% in those with abundant flowering, and population density in the year the past correlated with the degree of confusion of the fruit buds have the following values: 0.5 - 1 ladybug at m crown (normal tangle), 1-3 ladybugs per m crown (poor tangle). It can be use PED = 10 - 25 ladybugs (100 shaking branches) The trees have been shaken in the morning before sunrise at lower temperatures when the ladybugs are under exfoliating crust of trees. The observations were made in 15.III – 28.III at intervals of 2 – 3 days, trees having a normal load with sprouts with fruit determining an average of 3 ladybugs/m3 treetop and 15 ladybugs/100 branches what required chemical combating of this pest. Delaying treatment for 3-4 days causes an increase in the attack rate and attacked flowers, respectively, to levels close to the untreated control, significantly reducing production. Applying treatment outside the warning period is not economic, causing undue environmental pollution. The prediction of species Anthonomus pomorum (apple blossom weevils) was made through movement of trees on sheets and with help of belt trap applied on the stem in March and April resulting number of apple blosoom at m3 for treetop, function which is necessary to apply for treatment to combating the pest used the levels of density.
weevils, apple, treatments, pesticides, fighting against
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