Ilie-Cosmin CÂNTAR1, Maria DINCĂ1 None iaroslavlato@yahoo.com
Through its content and focus on Euphorbia Genus, the present article intends to acknowledge the existence and importance of this impressive plant collection – Alexandru Beldie Herbarium, hosted by the National Forestry Research-Development Institute from Bucharest. Furthermore, the article presents some curiosities regarding the Euphorbia Genus, what we can learn from the systematization of this genus and the most important characteristics of this genus in the herbarium. As such, the paper presents the method in which the Euphorbia Genus collections are organized, represented by the organization system that was used and applied for organizing the Euphorbia Genus from Alexandru Beldie Herbarium. At this chapter is also presented an excerpt of Euphorbia Genus inventory with the criterions used. The most important species are described together with their importance and the most representative species present in the herbarium. A figure representing photos with Euphorbia plants conserved in the herbarium is also presented. The quantitative characteristics of the Euphorbia Genus from the herbarium as number of species, number of exemplars and number of exemplars of the most important species are also presented. The article also presents the harvesting years of Euphorbia species synthesizing periods in which they were harvested most exemplars, and presenting the oldest Euphorbia from the herbarium. The periods were presented graphically from ten to ten years. A map representing the places from Romania wherefrom the Euphorbia specie were collected, was also realised. More than that, the organization of Euphorbia collections has allowed to identify the name of each Romanian or foreign specialists who have contributed through their work in creating this collection by harvesting or determining plants. Also the paper is containing a short presentation of the most important herbariums from the world that also contain Euphorbia species collections. The conclusions presents the most important outputs of the paper in terms of "what we can learn from Alexandru Beldie herbarium" regarding Euphorbia genus.
plants, herbarium, genus, areal
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