Șeran P., Creț C., Anișoara Duma Copcea, Mihuț Casiana None
Self-propelled combines enter plots without prior opening of roads. It is indicated, however, that, at the end of the plot from the access road, two to three furrows are initially harvested to allow the entry of the means of transport and other means necessary for harvesting. [5] For the rational use of the means of transport, of the work of each combine independently, for better supervision and faster organization of technical assistance, it is recommended to use group work, with each combine on its work post. [4] The width of the posts should be 0.15-0.25 L (L = plot length) so as to allow the combine to work at least one day on the same post. In low-length chains, the width should be higher reaching the same size as the length of the plot. In the case of grounded crops, the direction of the plants grounded should be taken into account to ensure the harvesting in both directions with minimal loss without useless movements. [2] In the case of uneven maturation plots, the areas of plants that cannot be harvested can be delimited, entering combines in the field and harvesting only areas with mature plants. The main agri-technical requirements for the harvesting of grassy cereals are the following: the harvest shall be done in the optimum period, the grain losses shall not exceed 3%, and the purity of the grains shall be at least 97%.[1] Exceptionally, if there are not enough combines, the harvest period can increase by 1-3 days after the full maturation phase and, after the end of this phase, properly adjusting the machines; because grains are heavier in the maturation phase, the loss in not threshed grains grow and, in the over-maturation phase, the straw crumble greatly, making the process of threshing, shaking and separation more difficult. [10] In order to ensure maximum working capacity and minimum consumption of fuels, the combines should be adequately ensured with sufficient means of transport of harvested products. The number of means of transport should correlate according to the hourly productivity of the combines and the distance of transport of the products. [3]
mechanization technology, grain, combine
environmental engineering
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