Șeran P., Creț C., Anișoara Duma Copcea, Mihuț Casiana None
Experiments on sprinkler machines were carried out at the vineyard-wine company in Vânju Mare, in 2018, duringthe treatments applied to prevent and control diseases and pests. These treatments largely complied with the unitary programme previously drawn up.[9]The treatments were carried out with MC-300P and MST-900 machines, in aggregate with tractors of 45 HP. Pneumaticdispersion of a rosette type with 10 dispersing heads (in the MC-300P machine) and 5-head palmette (MST-900 machine)were used. .[10]In these experiments, samples were made to determine the following indices: actual working speed; flow of the machine;flow of dispersion; liquid rules; adjustment of the actual flow according to the theoretical one. The working speed wasdetermined by going through the aggregate, under working conditions, on a distance of 100 m and the timing necessary forthis distance to be completed. .[7]Three measurements were made for each speed and their arithmetic mean was taken into account. The engine speed has beenkept steady. The flow of the dispersion and the machine was determined by the Volumetric method depending on pressure.The dispersed liquid during a 1-minute period was collected in graded vessels. Three measurements have been made for eachpressure value and type of dispersion. .[6]To adjust flow rates, the above indications, as well as the adjustment tables and the adjusting diagrams of the sprinklermachines were used. Reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption in the process of controlling diseases andpests is mainly achieved by reducing the liquid norm per hectare, using sprinkler systems in which we can control and steerthe droplet size, as well as droplet distribution on plants, requiring the use of sprinkler machines complying with thesetechnological requirements.[8] The studies in this paper were carried out at the vineyard-wine Vânju Mare company in the year 2018.The territory taken in the study belongs to the village of Vânju Mare.The study refers to mechanization of works for grapevine. The main mechanized works were carried outto control weeds, diseases and pests.
sprinkler machines, controlling diseases and pests, determination of indices
environmental engineering
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