Mihaela NEACSU, Ioana GROZEA, Ramona STEF None
The species Halyomorpha halys is an arthropod insect (Arthropoda: Insecta: Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) that has recently appeared in various places, disrupting both good plant growth but also human comfort and habitat. Although in Romania it was reported 4-5 years ago, and in the western part (Banat) 2-3 years ago, no obvious damages or invasions in the human habitat were recorded. And this is explainable, because at the beginning of the installation in a new area the population level of sting bugs is low. Through the present work we intend to bring to attention the pre-wintering behavior of this species. The period in which the observations were made included 2 months (September and October) of the current year (2019). The place where these observations were conducted was a private mixed garden in Timis county that includes many species of vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants, lawn grass, terrace and house. It is interesting the behavior that these stink bug have during the autumn period, specifically before hibernation. Analyzing their activity at different times of the day I found that they behave differently, being in a continuous movement. At lower temperatures of the day (below 18-20ºC) they were removed to sheltered places (terraces, objects present on terraces, warehouses, under layers of leaves, among stones, etc.). At higher temperatures (over 20ºC) during the day, the adult forms migrated to the still green plants and continued to feed. There is a dynamic of their flight during this period expressed by chaotic movements from shady to bright places (where the sun is present) and vice versa when the temperatures and intensity become unbearable for them. Being large insects, they can be easily observed in preferred places. Usually they are extremely active and mobile at temperatures between 20-28ºC, when the flight was more intense. The aggression of the attack on the plants differs depending on the presence and variety of the preferred plants and the maintenance of the organs of the plant in a green state. In conclusion, this insect has become in the last year (2019) a big problem both for the plants of culture (agricultural, horticultural), for the ornamental ones but especially for the houses of the people.
insect, pest, Halyomorpha halys, behavior, pre-wintering
Presentation: poster