Agriculture is one of the first economic activities in the history of human society development. It has been the dominant branch of the economy and today in many countries of the world it continues to be the main branch of the economy and sphere of activity of the population. Agriculture is the most widespread branch of material production and, unlike industry, it is practiced on large spaces. in agriculture many production processes are seasonal in nature, depending on the natural conditions. Agriculture provides plant and animal products, which are used as raw materials in some industrial sectors, and provides the needs of the population in basic food products. A fundamental feature of the Romanian agriculture is that the high natural potential can provide the domestic necessities of basic food for a much larger population than the one that exists today. The import of food should be only a source of supplementation and diversification of consumption. The negative effects of agricultural reform in its first phase have a temporary negative impact on the level of plant production and especially animals and negative effects propagated on the industries upstream and downstream of agriculture. The decentralization of the agri-food sector, the privatization of the land, the lack of some programs designed to create new agri-food chains generated the crisis of agriculture and affected the food security of the population.Satchinez is a commune in the county of Timiș, Banat, Romania, consisting of the villages Bărăteaz, Hodoni and Satchinez (the residence). Satchinez locality is located in the north of Timiș county, about 25 km from the city of Timișoara. It is bordered to the north by Gelu, to the east by Bărăteaz, Călacea and Carani, to the southeast by Hodoni and to the southwest by Biled. Located in the plain area of ​​the county, in the hydrographic basin of the Bega Veche river, Satchinez commune morphologically falls into the meadow and terrace of the Bega Veche river, bounded on the north by the Lipova hills and on the south by the Banat Plain. The Satchinez commune is located halfway between the river Mureş and Bega Veche, is devoid of running water. The territory of the commune is entirely plain with a gentle slope towards the south in the sense of the surface water flow. The climate is temperate continental and has a slight Mediterranean hue lacking permanent winds of higher intensities. During summer and early spring, the prevailing oceanic air masses with abundant precipitation are dominant. During the year, prevailing masses of sea air from the west with sufficient humidity. The land with artificial, arable character represents 81%, forests represent 0.1%, waters and ponds 5.5%, and pastures and meadows 9%.
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