Ciprian TUDOR, Lucian DINCĂ None
There are a lot of studies which explain the truly value of the non-wood forest products from the sphere of their benefical properties in human health and also their contribution to enhance the economy. The aim of this study was to highlight the most important non-wood forest products for Vrancea County and to see the adaptability and sensivity of every species from different utilization categories As material and methods, it was used 4 categories of non-wood forest products which were evaluated by an hierarchical analytical process which show a lot of specific characteristics of the component species, including 19 well-established criteria: harvesting cost, market demand, market potential, abiotic and biotic threats and so on. Every criteria was analyzed by 3 specialists, giving them notes between the interval [1…8] which represent the degree of demands and needs on market place, assesment of costs in harvesting period etc. In the part of results, it was described four categories of NWFPs: edible mushrooms (Cantharellus cibarius (golden chanterelle), Macrolepiota procera (parasol)), tree products (Christmas trees, Spruce seeds), understory plants (Hippophae rhamnoides (sea-buckthorn), Allium ursinum (ramson)) and animal origin (Tetrao urogallus (western capercaillie), Salmo trutta-fario (brown trout)) which are spreaded in the entire study zone. In the case of mushrooms, Cantharellus cibarius has maximum notes based on criteria like: ”Celebrity” of the product on market, price of raw product and of the derived products and portofolio of derived products. Also, Christmas trees have a good range distribution and the market potential is increasing, especially in the winter season.. Understory plants such as sea-buckthorn and ramson, have a good distribution range, an increased harvesting cost and the consequences derived from their properties are promoted well in the market zone. The degree of novelty is represented by the unique analyze of these non-wood forest products in Vrancea County. Research limitations is the lack of collecting data from the field. Originality of research is derived from the hierarchical analytical process (AHP), which is a good method from economy to analyze the non-wood forest products using different criteria. The importance of this report comes through the demands and the needs of the population which constitute an strategic way to improve the market potential. The knowledge potential of these NWFPs is also important for development of bioeconomy, purposing to use all the parts of the products, without recycling nothing.
AHP, NWFPs, golden chanterelle, brown trout, market potential, harvesting cost, diagram of sensivity
Presentation: oral