Petruța Rodica CIOBANU, Florina Nicoleta BOJINESCU, Adalbert OKROS, Casiana MIHUȚ None
Within this paperwork will be presented the harvested areas, the productions obtained during two years 2016-2017 for the main crop plants (cereals, potatoes, vegetables and fodder plants) in the commune Bretea Română, Hunedoara County as well as fertilizers, amendments and pesticides applied. The economic and social importance of agriculture as the sole source for meeting basic needs of people - food and clothing - and without which there is no talk of social peace and normal economic development, is recognized by all countries of the world. The significant potential of the Romanian agriculture, as well as the increase of prices for agricultural products internationally, could keep the interest of foreign investors in this sector high. This is one of the conclusions of economic analysts with interest in the field of agriculture. They argue that Romania has the highest level of use of unpaid family workers in agriculture in the EU-27. Also, low investment rates have increased the vulnerability of Romanian agriculture to weather conditions and have induced this sector to be highly volatile.The Bretea Română commune is located in the south-central part of Hunedoara County, at a distance of: • 38 km from the municipality of Deva - county residence • 20 km from the municipality of Hunedoara The administrative territory of the Bretea Română commune is 10096 ha (100.96 km²), representing 1.42% of the county's surface.. The relief of the Bretea Română commune is made up of mountainous peaks, hills and the meadow area, located in the immediate vicinity of the Streiului Valley. - The hills on the right side of the Strei - The hills on the left side of Strei The pedographic characteristics of the studied area (Bretea Română commune), reflect the genetic conditions related to the rock, the marne, the altitude, the slope, the exposure of the slopes. Streiului meadow with its alluvial soils is the best agricultural area of the commune. Here the inhabitants of the villages: Poplar, Bretea Streiului, Bretea Română, Rusi, Batalar, cultivate cereals, vegetables, potatoes, technical plants, etc., the crop yields obtained here are larger than in the other areas of the commune
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