Traian CARȚIȘ 1, Adrian SMULEAC 1,2, Mihai SIMON None
The Administrative-Territorial Unit (UAT) Giroc is located in the center of Timș county. Giroc village is made up of the localities Giroc and Chișoda, having the locality of Giroc as a village residence, county Timiș, Banat, România. Giroc Village is located at 6.9 km from the Center of Timisoara Municipality. The studied area is at 1.4 km and in the North part of the Giroc Administrative-Territorial Unit. After identifying the cadastral number and land book belonging to the village Giroc, study of plans and maps from the bases of O.C.P.I. (cadastre and land registration office) Timiș, B.C.P.I. (cadastral office and real estate advertising) Timișoara, the land is visited and the area of interest is recognized. The position within the location of the plot (Cad. No. 414831 from CF 414831, with an area of 12168 sqm) is identified. The aforementioned steps will establish the topo-cadastral methods: necessary equipment, the necessity of clearing the land in order to facilitate the placement of station points, etc. The main purpose of this topographic identification and survey is to build four housing blocks to be rented to young people. Their aimed height is P+2F (ground floor + 2 floors). The structure of the construction will be on reinforced concrete columns of 25x25cm, with brick masonry walls and reinforced concrete foundation. For processing the topographic survey and subsequently executing the staking 2 of 4 blocks, Leica Electronic Total Station, model TS06 PLUS, Leica GPS GS 14 equipment and Leica Viva GS08 equipment were used. The data processing was performed with the Leica Geo Office Combined software, after which the calculated points were reported in AutoCAD making the topographic map. The surface calculation was performed by analytical calculation. For the measurements made with the Leica 1200 GPS equipment, the raw data were obtained in the WGS (World Geodetic System) 1984 reference system. Coordinates that were later transformed into the office with the help of the TransDat program. For the Leica GS08 equipment trans-calculation was not necessary because the field data was obtained in the STEREOGRAPHIC 1970 reference system, which was possible with the implementation of the TransDat system in the controller. The Leica Electronic Total Station, model TS06 PLUS has an angle measurement accuracy of 6 cc, respectively 2 cc and distances of 2 ppm. The data from the device was downloaded using the Leica Geo Office Combined program, both for GPS equipment and for the Total Station. The points were subsequently uploaded in Autocad in order to merge the points and draft the topographic map. Verification of the topographic map and the staking of the 2 blocks was performed with the LEICA VIVA TS16A Total Station with an angle measurement accuracy of Hz, V of 1 '' (0.3 mgon), 2 '' (0.6 mgon), 3 '' (1 mgon ), 5 '' (1.5 mgon) / typically 3-4s.
Leica Viva GS14, Leica Geosystems, Leica FlexLine TS06, Leica FlexLine TS06plus, Leica TS16
environmental engineering
Presentation: poster