Emilia VECHIU¹, Lucian DINCĂ1 None
In Romania, the most well-known non-wood forest fruits (NWFPs) are represented by forest fruits, edible mushrooms and medicinal plants. These NWFPs are used from the earliest times due to their nutritive substances. As such, these products are used in medicine for reducing cancer risk as they are rich in vitamins and bioactive compounds. According to Romsilva, the National Forest Institute, the quantity of forest fruits harvested in Romania is of 3000 tons / year. The main forest fruits that are capitalized are: raspberry, blue berry, blackberry, brier, sea buckthorn, cranberry, blackthorms etc. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize forest fruits present in Sibiu County. Located in the country’s center, its diverse relief favors a large array of forest fruits: blackberry (Rubus hirtus W. et K.), blue berry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.), cranberry (Ribes nigrum L.), wild pear (Pyrus piraster L.), Wild service treeus torminalis L. fruits, hazelnut (Coryllus avellana L.), Juniperus sp. fruits and mast (Fagus sp). The most important forest fruits from Sibiu County were determined with an analytical hierarchy process (AHP) developed by Thomas Saaty and based on 19 well-established criteria. Based on this analysis, blue berry and blackberry are the most sought after fruits, while the least requested ones are mast and wild pear. The fruits that require a higher degree of knowledge for being recognized and harvested are blue berry, wild service tree and juniper fruits. Hazelnut, wild service tree fruits and mast generate the highest quantity of fruits that can be harvested by a worked in 8 hours, while the highest market prices are recorded for derived blueberry, blackberry and hazelnut products. Blueberries, blackberries, hazelnut and wild service treeus torminalis L. fruits has a rich portfolio of derived products, such as syrups, marmalade, juices, tea, alcoholic drinks or sweets. Wild service treeus torminalis L. Crantz is renowned for its wood from which a qualitative veneer is obtained, highly requested on the European market.
forest fruits, blueberry, AHP, Sibiu
field crops and pastures
Presentation: oral