Emilia VECHIU¹, Lucian DINCĂ1 None
”Al. Beldie” Herbarium from ”Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry contains a rich collection of plants. Approximately 40.000 vouchers belong to this herbarium and are stored in 600 drawers. Herbariuns are important because they provide information about plants and their area of propagation during long periods that help to carry out studies in taxonomy, biodiversity, ecology, anatomy, morphology etc. As such, various investigations were carried out with the help of data from this herbarium concerning different families and types of plants. The purpose of this article is to morphologically and ecologicallycharacterize certain Cornus species that can be found in this herbarium. Cornus Genus contains approximately 55-58 species cares that are widespread in the northern hemisphere, with few in Africa and southern America. The species found in the herbarium are the following: Cornus alba L., Cornus amomum Mill., Cornus alternifolia L., Cornus asperifolia Michx., Cornus baileyi J.M. Coult. & W.H. Evans, Cornus canadensis L., Cornus candidissima Marshall., Cornus florida L., Cornus mas L., Cornus macrophylla Wall., Cornus obliqua Raf., Cornus paniculata L'Hér., Cornus pumila Koehne, Cornus sanguinea L., Cornus stolonifera Michx. Cornus stricta Lam. and Cornus suecica L . Each plants contains data referring to the name of the species, the harvesting place, the harvesting year, the person who has collected them as well as their conservation degree. Most of the plants were harvested from Romania and were collected by botanists such as: S. Pascovschi, Al. Beldie, At. Haralamb, C.C. Georgescu, J. Neuwirth, M. Badea, P. Cretzoiu, I. Morariu, Dr. H. Hapeman, Dr. Heuser, V. Leandru etc. The plants were harvested between 1834-1989, amounting to 129 plants that are in a good conservation state, 46 between 1940-1949, while the oldest plant was harvested in 1834 by P. Cretzoiu. The Cornul mas L. fruits are edible, rich in vitamin C and can be consumed fresh or in the form of various products derived from them, such as syrups, compotes, juices, wines, etc.
Cornus, plants, herbarium, species
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