Cătălin Elvis CORLAN1, Veronica SĂRĂŢEANU 1, Otilia COTUNA 1,2, Carmen Claudia DURĂU None
practiced on turf grass and it has multiple functions, the main for sport being the attenuation of the impact with the soil providing a very good protection by the considerable amortisation capacity in comparison with other types of surfaces. Thus, the presence of turf grass on soil surface diminishes water evaporation, maintains a lower temperature at the soil level due to the evapo-transpiration process. The object of this research is represented by a football field from the town Motru (Gorj County). The turf from Motru stadium is dominated by the species Poa pratensis and Lolium perenne. This has a relatively good condition because it benefits by constant maintenance works. There were collected data in 10 observation moments, respectively 18.03.2019, 27.03.2019, 1.04.2019, 13.04.2019, 20.04.2019, 24.04.2019, 12.05.2019, 26.05.2019, 9.06.2019 and 17.06.2019. The analysed features of the turf were: density, resistance to traffic, resistance to diseases, colour, finesse, summer resistance and global aesthetic aspect. After the analysis of the data regarding the turf grass from the Motru stadium we have concluded the following: the turf has medium quality regarding most of the analysed aspects; in spring was registered the decrease of the diseases resistance; on the turf surface are present several weed species, the most abundant being Taraxacum officinale, Cynodon dactylon and Trifolium repens. Some of the problems appeared at the level of the sport field from Motru were produced due to the high amount of rainfalls that have a high frequency, this fact was disturbed the application and frequency of the maintenance works as mowing, antifungal treatments and weed control. According with the obtained results there is recommended prevention of the diseases, one measure being the collection of the mowed biomass. In the periods characterised by high atmospheric moisture there is necessary the application of fungicides. Thus there is recommended planning of fertilisation and application of macro- and microelements for the improvement of the leaves colour. For the dicotyledonous weed control is necessary to be applied specific herbicides and in the case of bare soil spots is necessary the over-seeding recommendable with Lolium perenne.
turf-grass, sport field, quality indexes
Presentation: poster