Nicoleta MĂLĂESCU, Laura ȘMULEAC, Alina LAȚO, Raul PAȘCALĂU, Ovidiu ȚIMBOTA None
Groundwater is the largest freshwater reservoir in the world, accounting for more than 97% of all freshwater reserves available worldwide (excluding glaciers and glaciers). The remaining 3% consists mainly of surface waters (lakes, rivers, marshes) and soil moisture. Until recently, the focus on groundwater has mainly referred to its use as drinking water (for example, about 75% of European Union citizens depend on groundwater for water supply), but it has also been recognized as an important resource for industry and agriculture (irrigation). Underground waters are regarded as future water reserves and their use and introduction into the water circuit in nature must be done with great care and caution. In relation to surface water, groundwater has many advantages: it has a much larger surface area than rivers, meaning a much better graphics; being protected from pollution by covering layers, groundwater present a better quality, its physico-chemical properties are sensitively constant, hence the significant savings in the cost of water treatment; the aquifer is a true natural reservoir, just a surface dam, but this time it's covered. However, it has become increasingly obvious that groundwater should be viewed not only as a water tank, but must be protected for their environmental value. Under these circumstances, the knowledge of its quality becomes more and more necessary. Samples were taken from two springs,in October 2018, March 2019 and October 2019 one upstream Maru commune, another downstream and one fountain in the middle of the village. The analyzes were made in the Hydrology and Hydrogeology Laboratory of USAMVBT. Nitrates, nitrites, phosphorus, ph and water hardness were analyzed. As a result of the researches carried out, it was observed that the water quality is good, with small overruns at some parameters. The research carried out has a particular importance, given that a large percentage of the population uses this groundwater as drinking water.
groundwater, quality, nitrates, nitrites, phosphorus, pH, water hardness
environmental engineering
Presentation: poster