Ioana GROZEA, Alina Stan Costea None ioana_entomol@yahoo.com
Brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) is currently one of the most aggressive pentatomide species in Europe. In recent years, it has expanded both territorially and as host plants. A series of reports of stink bugs were made on host plants from the most varied, from herbaceous and ornamental crops, to cultivated and ornamental woods. Among them were mentioned until now species of trees of the genus Prunus, but not all. Through the observations made in spring-summer 2019 (in a private garden in western Romania), the set of host plants with another species, namely Prunus armeniaca (apricot), is supplemented. Observations have shown that the insect feeds on fruit that produces obvious damage. The fruits were damaged throughout the baking but also in the pre-baking stage. The stink bugs have also been observed on the leaves but it is not clear whether they are feeding on their sap or just searching for fruit. Numerous stages of development of the brown marmorated stink bugs have been quantified, from the earliest instars to the mature ones. Also the adults were observed, and their injuries led to the compromise of fruit production per tree. Their population level ranged from 1 individual to 5 individuals per fruit. From the observed ones, the symptomatology on the apricot fruits is different from the one mentioned so far in other fruits. This included both direct and indirect injuries. The direct ones were reflected in diffuse brown spots of various sizes, from small to united and extended spots on large surfaces of the fruit (sometimes encompassing all the fruit). In conclusion, the species is adaptable to new host plants regardless of the consistency or essence of the plant tissue. And this can be a big problem in the future in the context in which other factors (caused by climate change) contribute to the spread and multiplication of pests and implicitly the decrease of fruit production around the world.
Invazive, brown marmorated stink bug, apricot, damage, fruit
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