Crisan Vlad, Dinca Lucian, Deca Sorin None
The present article describes the plants collected from Buzau County and present in “Alexandru Beldie” Herbarium from “Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry and W.U. Herbarium from the University of Vienna. Buzău County connects the Carpathian ark with Danube’s Plain as it occupies an area located at the border of the three historical Romanian provinces - Muntenia, Moldova and Transylvania. The county occupies the largest part of Buzău river’s hydrographic basin, accommodating harmoniously all relief forms: mountains in the north part, field in the south and the sub-carpathian hill area between them. The article presents the studied material, the number of vouchers with species harvested from this area as well as some characteristics of the plant collections. The most important species collected from Buzau County are also mentioned, followed by an analysis of their characteristics: the collection’s creation period and the plant’s harvesting periods. The found genera were systematized, with an emphasis on the most representative ones. Buzau County represents a territory with a rich biodiversity and has represented both in the past as well as in the present, an important source for the development and enrichment of herbariums from all over the world. The plants collected from this area belong to 56 different genera. Most of them belong to Quercus and Cytisus genera and were collected during the first half of the past century, with a peak registered between 1932 and 1942. Four species are present in W.U. Herbarium and not present in “Alexandru Beldie” Herbarium: Galium, Inula, Seratula and Asplenium. Even though more than 70 vouchers were collected by the famous botanist S. Paşcovschi, approximately 18 romanian and foreign specialists have covered the forests, meadows and pastures from Buzau County in order to collect plants that have extended the collections from both W.U. and “Alexandru Beldie” herbariums.
Buzau County, plants, WU Herbarium, “Alexandru Beldie” Herbarium
environmental engineering
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