Florin Cristian BÂRLIBA, Luminița Livia BÂRLIBA , Costel BÂRLIBA None
The studied building is located in the central area of Timișoara, being bordered to the north and east by Ferdinand I Boulevard, to the south by the Bega canal, to the west by the December 16, 1989 boulevard, located approximately north-central in the Cathedral Park. The Cathedral of the Metropolitan Church of Banat in Timișoara is included in the List of historical monuments in Romania with the classification code SB-II-m-A-12147. It is also the largest religious building in the western part of the country, dedicated to the "Three Hierarchs". This is a true symbol of the municipality and was built between 1936 and 1940. The foundation of the building was built on 1,000 reinforced concrete pillars, given that the land was not solid, due to its swampy structure. The construction has a height of 83.7 meters, being one of the tallest buildings in Timisoara, which classifies it from a religious point of view as the tallest church in Romania. All the buildings in the central area of Timișoara have updated the cadastral data, having the outline implemented in the Land Book. That is why the identification of the land of the disposition of the Timișoara Metropolitan Cathedral in the bases of OCPI was easy. An MMS Leica Pegasus Backpack was used to carry out the work. All the steps from the recognition of the land and the objective, the execution of the field works and the post-processing of the data to the level of a compatible file for the architectural programs that will benefit from these data in order to restore the objective have been completed. The automation of specialized works involves quite high costs, in terms of purchasing and owning a professional MMS equipment and dedicated software. Although the acquisition cost is high, these costs are much easier to justify, because the volume of data processed is large and easy to obtain in the field, through the short time of execution of works. Thus, the results obtained are used to analyze problems of a wide variety.
MMS Leica Pegasus Backpack, post-processing steps.
environmental engineering
Presentation: oral